For those who love traveling and discovering new attractive but challenging destinations. Do not hesitate any longer for at least one time stepping on Pha Luang peak – the northwest cloudy heaven. Pha Luong is about 70km away from Mocchau centre towards the gate of Loong Sap between Moc Chau town and Laos. This is a very new fascinating destination as the top choices of Vietnamese youth for a challenging journey to conquer the peak of aspiration and also the pinnacle of wild natural beauty.

         Moc Chau is spotted with green tea hills stretching on the hillside, booming flowers fields or dairy farm, wild caves, waterfalls. You should stay 1 or 2 nights at the homestay or guesthouse of the local people, even the 4-star superior service Muong Thanh (a new luxurious hotel, 2km away from Mocchau town).

        In schedule of 3 days 2 nights, suggested time, is Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Nature lovers can choose the first night in Mocchau town before departing to Pha Luong the next day.  On the way to Pha Luong, the tourists will gradually leave all the noisy life behind their backs to reach to the peak of the wild life. Needless to scream out that many ways can lead the wrong direction when there are many roads to choose for that (the best one is asking the local people anytime in anywhere you pass).

        To the foothills, the traveling time needs is about 2,5-3 hours for rock climbing to conquer the peak of Pha Luang, tortuous path, even slippery and muddy in the rainy day may be the tough tasks for anyone who try the to pass their fear and exhaution to get victory. However, Pha Luang is considered not too hard place for tourists up and down the slope to complete their journey. Stepping to the highest spot of mountain, a fairy scenary like heaven appears, fluffy white clouds floating, especially with the emphasis on high cliff protruded outwards the air, which is the thousand mettres high above the deep valley. This rock can be compared with the Devil tongue (lưỡi quỷ Na uy) in Norway by its unique  and attractive location to dazzle but equally to death.

       Exhausted but too excited to be thrilled by the wild nature, noone cannot resist the allure of Pha Luong’s glamor. Paradise is here, no doubt!  A feeling of euphoria surges in soul returns traveler’s fatigue, tension into the fading sunshine. Clouds sliding on romantic adventure, wind whispering in music, Pha Luang – the fascinating destination for full of aspiration and love.

       After lingering on the mountain, visitors slowly step down the mountain in more than 2 hours. Down the valley, take the motorbike back to Moc Chau town is also at the sunset.  Tourists should stay the second night at the lodge or guesthouse in Moc Chau. The 3rd day will be more pleasant, the sunday to discover the beauty of Moc Chau Plateau, the endlessly winding tea hills, with ultramarine reflexing on sky, the colors of wild flowers flooding fields, or suddenly seeing somewhere the dairy cows grazing sweetly ..Besides, tourists can visit waterfall of strip, explore mythical caves and other attractions in the journey left.

      After the trip to the Northwest, certainly,  cheerful and beautiful pictures full of scenary will be the imprint memories cannot be faded in your life. Let's go for now, hey my youths !


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