Just a few companies in Vietnam organize tours in one of the wildest but deserving places  in north west Vietnam. Away Hanoi more than 170km and Lac village 45 km, Puluong is a mountainous village of Thai people. Puluong is truly natural reserve set up in 1999 with the total area of 17,662ha, incluling 13,320 ha of strictly protected zone and 4343 ha of ecological restoration zone. The name of Puluong is connected to the highest peak in Thai languague. It’s well-kown and recognized for its ecosystem and ecotourism. 

        To Puluong, tourists can hire a mortobike for 3 days 2 nights to go along its village as well as discover anywhere in this nature reserve area. What is strangest to travellers, is not food or custom of the local, but that of many water mills taking water from romatic streams into the gutters for use or even to pound the rices. These nature mill would be likened to the wind-mills written in the fairy tales of Netherland. Many strangest voyagers take a lot of photos as if they were lost in the wonderland. Travel activities in Puluong just now rise as the way of some trekking companies to organize for foreign tourists, especially, for whom the french and european who like trekking on slope and hard roads, challenging rock or even the long time trekking journey among ethnic group villages.  

         Spending 3 days 2 night for a unique voyage with first one in Mai Chau, Lac village then the second for Puluong, staying one night in homestay, but the better one for a more luxurious is in Puluong Retreat – one newly built bangalow serving all the guests, even the most discerning tourists. The boutique style of Puluong Reatreat brings you an unforgetable feelings for the first see and then. With local material and skilled hands and brains of the local as well as architects, Puluong is not as simple as the others, but extreamly distinctive and unique in lines and patterns as well as architecture decoration space.

        Most beautiful months for a wonderful sightseeing in Puluong, should be within the late may and june is the time for green fields everywhere you there. And from september to october is the time of autumn, the color of rice field returning to yellowish, truly natural wonder of this area.  To be lost away from the hustle, hard and boring life, onyone of us should have our own experiences to the new lands and leave the busy life behind our backs. If you have the chance to visit Vietnam, do not hesitate to plan a journey to Puluong and enjoy it with Vietnam Travel Heaven, we make sure for a best way of services. 


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