Eating and drinking are the basic needs of everyone daily. However, in the society nowadays, eating and drinking as a normal way will not be satisfied enough for majority of people. To have a delicious meal, sophisticated processing, the cookers need a detailed plan for that, such as, idea on food they like eating and how to make it excellent  in kitchen? If having a simple dish in morning, for luch or dinner, it’s not difficult thing, anyone could do it themselve. But to have a special for themselve and family or even with friends, it is likely that not all the people can do it.

         In this article, I would like to share my cooking experiences in Vietnamese cuisine, I’m a vietnamese, often cook different foods for myself and for friends, guests,  I always get real compliments and excellent comments from people,  and I recognise that my tasks are to bring happiness to people through my cooking job, and with my 5 years working in vietnamese restaurant, that was my own “great asset”, I’m proud of it and also want to share it with the others who care about food and vietnamese traditional cuisine. I get information on internet, television and other social media, I know, almost all of people in the world when visiting vietnam, they always give the best comments and feel really happy for foods they eat in Vietnam, even when they eat food in a small street restaurant in stead of inside the luxury ones. if having no opportunities to visit Vietnam our country right now, you can get to know about our foods and know-how to get it.

         First of all, Vietnamese people rarely choose processed food, fast food, canned food or frozen food in supermarket or restaurant for meals. In the fact that, vietnamese people, I mean, individuals or household often opt fresh foods with original from cattle, poultry and of course they are friendly and associated with environment around. Normally, depending on what kind of dishes they like and choose, the cooker will take something useful and necessary for preparation. If dishes chosen as simple ones, the cooker will take simple way to cook, for example, beef, pick, chicken can used for oiled dishes. But, the dish require subtlety and complex process, before cooking, the fresh ingredients are mixed in a proper rate with natural flavors, oils (or even with leaves of some trees, such as, leaves of lemon, leaves of papaya) that contain many features to enhance the body nutrients and immunity.  Some of them can be shown here as, mắc khén seed, pepper, fresh peppers, fresh garlic, dried garlic, fresh onions, shallots, fresh ginger, cinnamon, anise, honey leaves, fish sauce, soy sauce, soup, salt, sugar, five spice powder, soybean and sesame oil.. 

         The next step, dishes can be created in thousands of ways depending on the creativity and talent of a chef (I mean, the cooker = the chef), anyway, traditional ways of processing food mostly are,  steamed, boiled, fried, roasted, baked, fried, but some dishes require fresh meat and fish, or meat, fish are not fully cooked. For the west, for example, chicken foods, only chicken leg, chicken breast are used, other parts will be removed, but in Vietnamese household, possibly, the whole chicken can be well utilized for ensuring that taste of chicken food containing different flavors.

           The cooking time, the time for every distinguished dish felt by senses of the chef, which does not follow strict rules, so that the chef can feel comfort and get inspiration for their style and recipe

           The final step, is the stage when dishes are well done, but, it would be insufficient if without some herb (optional) that should be used properly together. Some herb suggested, such as: basil, lettuce, herbs, perilla, dill, cilantro, laksa leaves, lettuce, cilantro, salad, nail shrine, will be the best choice for a special meal.

           In conclusion, to give the most detailed, I cannot describe in texts, because “cooking is an art, and the chef is indeed the artist”. If you love cooking and read my this writing, perhaps, you can learn more about our vietnamese cuisine culture. Hope to see your improvement on food and hope to meet you in Vietnam. Welcome all ! Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion, as well as your ideas.



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